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July - august
Full day tour

At the beautiful island of Lovund you can experience Helgeland's largest puffin colony which consists of up to 300,000 puffins. Every year in mid-April, the Lundefuglen takes its nesting place on Lovund. From ancient times the people of Lovund have said that "lun'j kjæm den 14.april". And so it has become, often at least. Every year on April 14, the "lundkommardag" is arranged. If the birds are reliable, you will see several hundred thousand birds come in from the ocean gap to find their way to the piles of stone in the Lovund Mountain. A spectacular homecoming that should be experienced! Lovund Skyss organizes its own trips to Lovund during the "lundkommardag". 


Copyright: Hans Petter Sørensen / FarOutFocus

At the end of the breeding season towards the end of August, the puffin leaves the island. Then it pulls out in its right element: the sea off Norway and the North Sea. Out there, it lives without a firm foothold through a harsh autumn and winter on a constant food hunt. The grove, which during the breeding season compresses into large colonies, now spreads out over the great ocean and is very difficult to observe. The fine color suit disappears - and during the spring change it can barely fly. In the summer months, however, one can observe the puffin in the puffin and at sea where it hunts for food during the breeding season.

A selection of hot and cold drinks can be bought on board, and in addition, the boat also has a license for alcohol with all rights.  

Do you want to experience the puffin? Contact us for more information and let us come with an exclusive offer on a trip to Lundefuglen's kingdom. We arrange what you need for transport, accommodation, food and guides.

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